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On-Line Payment

May be made by:

  • Checks mailed to the CHPC Preschool, 101 N. 23rd Street,  Camp Hill, PA 17011 or in person during school hours designating "Preschool" and child's name on the memo line.

  • Credit/debit card charge or a debit to your checking or savings account using one of the options on the right and entering in the Notes box on the payment web page the child's name or a description of any Other Preschool Payments. 


We incur a 2% processing fee for online payments and will appreciate your helping cover the cost by adding to your payment.  For credit/debit card payments there is web page box which may be checked.  To add to checking or savings account debit payments, enter an Other Preschool Payments amount.


Electronic payments are processed for us by the Presbyterian Foundation using a platform  maintained by Vanco Payment Solutions which meet Payment Card Industry data security standards for handling, storage, and transmitting credit card information.


A receipt for each payment will be emailed to you by Vanco.  In January, the Foundation will provide a summary of payments for the year.

Questions about making electronic payments,

please call the church office  


Preschool related questions, please contact the Preschool office.


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Adding 2% to cover our processing costs 
will be appreciated

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