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Great Steps 3/4s

Tuesday-Friday  9:15-11:45
Lead Teacher - Mrs. Elena Bartlett
Assistant Teacher - Mrs. Samantha Bieler

DECEMBER Newsletter

November 28-December 1
Theme – December Holidays Around The World and Gingerbread Men
Books Holidays,- Holidays Around The World,- December Holidays, The Gingerbread Man, The
Gingerbread Baby, How To Catch a Gingerbread Man

Math – Number identification to 10
Crafts - Decorated gingerbread men
Alphabet – Letter recognition, Letters make words (Holiday)

December 4-8
Theme – Holidays Around the World (St. Nicholas Day, St. Lucia Day, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah)
Books – A Special St. Nicholas Day, Llucia Morning in Sweeden, Together for Kwanzaa, Festival of Lights
Math – Sequencing numbers from 1-10
Crafts - Wooden shoes, Candles, Lucia crowns, Menorahs
Alphabet – Letter Recognition, Letters make words (Holiday)

December 11-15
Theme – Holidays Around the World, ( Las Posadas, Christmas)
Books The Night of Las Posadas, The Flower of Christmas, The Spider’s Surprise
Math - Number sequencing from 1 - 10
Crafts – Christmas tree decoration, Pinatas
Alphabet – Letter Recognition, Letters make words

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