Great Steps 3/4s

Tuesday-Friday 9:30-12:00

Mrs. Elena Bartlett

Mrs. Maria Noss


May 3-6
Theme: Mothers
Letter: O
Books: Is Your Mamma a Llama?, Mother, Mother, I Want Another, Baby Animals, The Night Before
Mother’s Day. Two Badd Babies

Math: Count and sort
Craft: Mother’s Day gifts, Mother’s Day booklets
Nursery Rhyme of the month: Little Boy Blue

May 10-13
Theme: Farm
Letter: Letter Review
Books: Farmer Duck, Dairy Farm, Farmer Grover, Kinds of Farms, Growing Food
Math: Patterns
Craft: Cow puppets, Baby Animal books, Barns

May 17-20
Theme: Ocean
Letter: Letter Review
Books: The Rainbow Fish, Fishes, The Biggest Animal Ever, The Ocean Alphabet Book
Math: The tricky teens
Craft: Watercolor Rainbow Fish, Jellyfish, Ocean crayon resist