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Great Steps 3/4s

Tuesday-Friday 9:30-12:00

Mrs. Elena Bartlett

Mrs. Maria Noss


January 31-February 3

Theme – Animals in winter and Groundhogs

BooksAnnie and the Wild Animals, Wake Up Groundhog, It’s Groundhog Day

Math – graphing

Crafts – Groundhog paper bag puppet, pop up groundhog

Alphabet – Letter Identification

February 7-10

Theme – Presidents

BooksYoung Abraham Lincoln,  Young George Washington, What is a President?

Crafts – President stick puppets, Three corner hats, Decorate Valentine bags

Alphabet – Letter identification

February 14-16

Theme- Valentines and Friends

Books The Biggest Valentine, The Valentine Bears

Math –  Number towers ( building towers to match dots on dice)

Crafts – Valentine card for Parents, Fancy hearts using paper punches

Alphabet – Letter identification

February 21-24

Theme – Dental Health

Books Visiting the Dentist, Little Rabbit’s Loose Tooth

Math – Counting to 22 (The number of teeth young children have)

Crafts – Toothbrush painting, Large toothbrush, Mouth with teeth

Alphabet – Matching  letters and sounds

February 28-March 3

Theme – Read Across America

Books  - Books by selected spirit week authors.

Math – Recognizing and creating patterns

Craft – Cat in the hat pattern hat, Thing 1 and 2 stick puppets, red and blue fish tissue art

Alphabet – Matching upper case and lower case letters

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