First Steps/Betweeners

Monday & Tuesday 9:15-11:30

Mrs. Loura Workman


Mrs. Pearl Phillips




Hello Parents,
It’s hard to believe that April is done and dusted. After all our Easter fun, learning about saving
the earth and seeds and gardening, we are now getting ready for our last month together. It has been such a fantastic year and everyone has grown and changed so much. We hope our last couple of weeks will be the best yet and we can end our school year on a high note.

May 3 & 4 our theme is Space
Books: Sheep Blast Off! By Nancy Shaw & Roaring Rockets by Tony Mitton
Rocket names, star pictures, martian goop, googley eye aliens and gravity dancing are some of the things to look forward to.
Song: Climb Aboard The Spaceship

May 10 & 11 our theme is Fairy Tales
Books: Fairy Tales for Little Children by Lorena Alvarez & Susanna Davidson (Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears)
Highlights include Goldilocks sizing, Hansel and Gretel bread crumb challenge and Little Red Riding Hood felt board dress-up
Song: Three Little Pigs

May 17 & 18 our theme is Nursery Rhymes
Books: Stories in Stitches: Itsy Bitsy Spider and other Nursery Rhymes
Creating Mary, Mary Quite Contrary’s garden, putting Humpty back together and making a Hey Diddle Diddle creation will keep us busy, curious and entertained!
Rhyme: Mary, Mary Quite Contrary


Mrs Workman & Mrs Phillips