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Monday & Tuesday 9:15-11:30

Mrs. Anita Kelsch

Mrs. Katie Smith


March 6th and 7th – Rainbows  

Books:  How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow and A Rainbow of My Own 

Craft:  Rainbow Art / Watercolor Chameleon 

Colors:  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet 


Shape:  Circle 


Song:  The Rainbow Color Song 


March 7th:  Parent Teacher Conferences 

March 13th and 14th – St. Patrick’s Day 

Books:  Green Shamrocks and The Dinosaurs St. Patrick’s Day 

Crafts:  Shamrocks and Dinosaurs 

Colors:  Green   

Letters:  S and D 

Songs:  G-R-E-E-N (The Kiboomers), Five Little Shamrocks Fingerplay 


March 20th and 21st – Music and Art Show Prep 

Books:  Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and If You Give a Dog a Donut 

Crafts:  Make instruments and Art Show Craft 

Letter: M  

Songs:  Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, ABC’s, and other fun songs.  



March 27th and 28th – Music and Art Show Prep Cont.  

(School wide music parade) 

Books:  Giraffes Can’t Dance and Hand Hand Fingers Thumb 

Crafts:  Giraffe and Art Show  


Songs:  Giraffes Can’t Dance and other silly songs  

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