First Steps

Tuesday & Wednesday 9:15-11:15

Mrs. Donna Dougherty

Mrs. Mallory Cecere


Can you believe it is May?! This year has gone too fast for me. Your children have grown so much since
first entering our room. It has been wonderful to watch them transform. We only have three short
weeks left and they will be fun ones for sure!

May 3 & 4

Our Theme: Summer!
Book: On the First Day of Summer Vacation
Craft: Sunshine mask
Songs: Some of our Favorites this year 


May 8th Happy Mother’s Day!

May 10th – Art Show from 5:30-7:00 pm (More info to follow)

May 10 & 11

Our Theme: Summer
Book: Beach Day!
Craft: Beach Themed
Songs: Our Favorites continued

May 17th : Preschool Playground Party. Winding Hills Park North 10:00-12:00. **NOT A DROP OFF EVENT

May 17th Closed for Election Day ("Tuesday only" children will come on Wednesday this week to celebrate our last day)

May 18th

Our Theme: Preschool Time is over now
We will have a day of fun! Bubbles, ball pit and lots of hugs!
Books: I’ll Love You Forever, I Love You Night and Day
Song: Preschool Time is Over now. We will sing our song one last time.

Thank you so much for sharing your most precious gift with us. I hope you stay in contact!


Mrs. Dougherty and Mrs. Cecere