Preschool- would you rather:

Build with Legos or cook in the kitchen?

Play in the sand table or ride bikes in the bike room?

Eat cupcakes or Goldfish for a snack?

Listen to Pete The Cat or Dr. Seuss stories?

Play dress-up or super heroes?

Dance to our morning song or 

do Head, Shoulders, Knees and toes really fast?

Sing Wheels on the bus or 5 Little monkeys sitting in a tree?

Finger paint a pumpkin or glue shapes to make a picture?

Give us a high five or a hug ( or both)

Whatever you choose,

know that you are special and we will miss you all!!

Happy Summer, my friends!


Mrs. Witzig and Mrs. Brittingham

Next Steps 3's

Monday-Wednesday 9:15-11:45

Mrs. Debbie Witzig and Mrs. Maura Brittingham

Thanks for letting

us be your

teachers this year!

101 N 23rd Street Camp Hill, PA 17011

Preschool # 717-761-6003

Church Phone # 717-737-0488 

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