I hope your children had as much fun at Preschool this week as Mrs. W,  Mrs. Pope and I did.   Thank you so much for the tremendous effort you have put into preparing your children for this week and your patience as we navigate through the changes.   Temperature check, handwashing and masks were easily incorporated into our routine, which left lots of time for learning and playing.  


Table work included playdough,  playdough with scissors and stickers.    


Our morning meeting included learning the days of the week,  and today’s date.   We have a days of the week song,  words are attached.   We also practiced recognizing the first letter of our name.   Additionally we learned the letters Z, B (for Mrs. Brittingham)  and W (for Mrs. W).    


Today,  with the letter W we talked about ways to say Hi to our friends that are noncontact.   We had lots of fun waving and winking.     We sang a song to practice winking,  words attached.     


We had a lot of fun on the playground on Monday and Tuesday.  Today we had our first trip to the bike room.  We learned how to stay in line and hold the railing while walking down or up the stairs.    Plenty of fun with bikes and cars.


This week we read ‘Put Me in the Zoo’,  ‘Manners in School’ and ‘Willy of Crooked Lake’.       


Our Science Experiment investigated why we should use soap when we wash our hands.  With some simple crafts we assessed cutting skills, pencil skills and gluing skills.  


During free play we learned how to share, take turns and help clean up.   Everyone did a great job at all of these new skills.


Once again thank you for trusting us with your children and for preparing them so well for this transition.  


Next week – letters A, M and J.   Apples, Music and Jellyfish.   We are also going to talk about feelings and moods.  Work on cutting skills and painting.  


Have a wonderful weekend and can’t wait to see you Monday morning.


Mrs. Brittingham

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