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Thursday & Friday 9:15-11:30
Lead Teacher - Mrs. Anita Kelsch
Assistant Teacher - Mrs. Pearl Phillips

OCTOBER Newsletter

We had such a great start to school, and our friends are adjusting well to time away from caregivers. This month, we are focusing more on routines and being more consistent with crafts.

October 5th (No school on the 6th )
Theme: Apples
We will be talking about apples and their characteristics as well as introducing the letter A.
Books: Ten Apples Up on Top & Scholastic Reader: I Picked an Apple
Crafts: Apple Stamping, Apple Process Art (Fall Harvest Fest craft)
Song/Poem: Picking Apples

October 12th & 13th
Theme: Apples
We will continue to explore apples and use them to measure, count, and sort.
Books: Apples for Everyone & Ten Little Apples
Crafts: Letter A Fingerpaint
Song/Poem: Way Up High

October 19th – 20th
Theme: Pumpkins
This week we will participate in our schoolwide pumpkin patch and take home our very own pumpkin! We will carve a pumpkin and field the seeds.
Books: Pumpkin, Pumpkin & Five Little Pumpkins
Crafts: Color Mixing Pumpkin & Pumpkin Pom-Pom Painting
Song/Poem: Five Little Pumpkins

*Picture Week October 26th & 27th
Theme: Halloween
It’s school picture week so wear your best smile! This week we will have a Halloween Party and listen to a variety of fun and simple songs.
Books: Little Blue Truck’s Halloween & There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat!
Crafts: Toilet Paper Roll Spiders
Song/Poem: Walk Around the Pumpkin

We hope you all have a fa-BOO-lous month!
Mrs. Kelsch and Mrs. Phillips
*Reminder that books and crafts are subject to change

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