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 Next Steps 3s

Monday-Wednesday 9:15-11:45

Mrs. Maura Brittingham

Mrs. Nadine Buzzard


February 27,28, March 1: 

Our themes will be Patterns, Rhythms and Rhyming and the numbers 3 and 8.

Read across America week

Our books:      The Napping House,  I Heard Said the Bird,  Hop on Pop 

Our craft:       Dr. Seuss Hat 

Concepts:        Positional and Comparison words

Fun activities:  Read across America activities highlighting children’s authors. 


March 6,7,8: 

Our themes will be Things that Go, the numbers 2 and 5 and the letters G and C

Conferences on Monday March 6, students will not have class.

Our books:      Freight Train, Who Wants a Ride?

                      Llama Llama Red Pajama (read by Pastor Nancy)               

Our crafts:     Freight train sponge paint

Concepts:       Opposites, Grouping like items

Fun activities:  Using simple machines to learn about motion.           


March 13,14,15: 

Our themes will be Rainbows, the numbers 6 and 9 and the letters B, P and R   

Our books:   The Mixed Up Chameleon , Hello, Red Fox , Planting a Rainbow

Our crafts:   Color changing chameleon.

Concepts:      Sequencing and Ordering and colors   

Fun activities: Skittles Rainbow Experiment, Library Story time


March 20,21,22: 

Our themes will be Music the number 4 and the letters M, N, W

Our books:  Who Sang the First Song?   Ellie in Concert   Giraffe Can’t Dance             

Our crafts:     Musical instrument for our Music parade

Fun activities:  Music Parade, Music of South Africa presented by Mrs. Loura Workman.


March 27,28,29: 

Our themes will be Taking Care of our Bodies, and the letters I, L and T 

Our books:  Growing Vegetable Soup Hungry Harry, Douglas, You Need Glasses   

Our crafts:  Healthy Lunch Box

Fun activities: Human Body Puzzle, Music Parade  



Reminders:   Conferences will be held on Monday March 6.  Class will not be in session.  


Mrs. Brittingham and Mrs. Buzzard 

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