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First Steps

Wednesday 9:15-11:15

Mrs. Donna Dougherty

Mrs. Mallory Cecere


January was fun! We enjoyed learning about animals during Farm week and loved going on a Bear hunt through the school! February will be a busy month for us. We will complete Assessments and begin prep for the Spring Art show!

February 1st

Theme: Winter
We will discuss the weather in winter hot/cold and shapes of our snowman.
Book: When the Snow is Deeper than My boots are Deep
Craft: Sensory bin and Mittens. Snowman Felt Story
Song: I’m a little Snowman

February 8th

Theme: Shapes
We will go o
ver Circle and Square and look for the shapes around our room
Book: Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site Bulldozer’s Shapes
Craft: Art Show and a shape craft
Song: Alphabet

February 15th

Theme: Kindness (Valentine’s Day Party)
We will discuss ways we can be kind to each other and have a fun party!
Book: K is for Kindness
Craft: a special Valentine’s Day craft.
Song: I’m Gonna Wrap Myself in Paper

February 22nd

Theme: Nursery Rhymes
We will build Humpty’s wall and put him back together again!
Book: Humpty Dumpty
Craft: Humpty Dumpty
Song: Various Nursery Rhymes

Spread Kindness Like Confetti,
Mrs. Dougherty & Mrs. Cecere

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