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Future Steps 4/5s

Monday-Friday 9:30-12:00
Lead Teacher - Mrs. Celeste Black
Assistant Teacher - Mrs. Wendy Gallaher

OCTOBER Newsletter

Week of October 2

Theme: “B”, 5 Senses

Concepts:  Five Senses facts and how we use them everyday.  Smell and taste experiments

Sight Words:  be, black, brown, but

Song:  “Five Senses”

Craft: Mr. Potato Head 5 Senses, “B” Bird

Yoga:  Boat, Bridge

Kid Writing: “What is your favorite thing to eat?”

No School Friday, October 6th


Week of October 9

Theme:  “C”, Fire Safety

Concepts:  Fire Safety Tips, Community Helper - Fireman, Fire Station

Sight words:  can, came

Song:  Stop Drop and Roll

Crafts:  Safety Dog, “C” Cookie

Yoga:  Cat, Chair

Kid Writing: “Name 1 fire safety tip.” 

No School Monday, October 9th 


Week of October 17

Theme:  “D”, Dinosaurs

Concepts:  Dinosaur facts - What happened to dinosaurs (Extinct), what they eat (Carnivores, Herbivores, Omnivores)

Sight words:  did, do

Song:  “Dinosaur, Dinosaur”, “Pumpkin, Pumpkin”

Crafts: Dinosaur Fossil, “D” Dinosaur Hand Print

Yoga:  Dinosaur, Dog

Kid Writing: “What do dinosaurs eat?” 

Preschool Pumpkin Patch


Week of October 23

Theme: “E”, Halloween (Halloween, Pumpkins, Spiders, and Bats)

Concepts:  Halloween - Halloween safety, Pumpkins, Spiders, and Bats facts, 

Sight Words:  eat

Song:  “Ghost so scary”, “5 Little Pumpkins”

Craft: Halloween Jack O Lanterns, “E” Elmer the Elephant

Yoga:  Easy Pose, Elephant

Wednesday 10/26 Halloween Parade and Party

School pictures this week, Date TBD


Week of October 30

Theme:  “F”, Fall/Autumn

Concepts:  Signs of Fall/Autumn, Leaves -why they change color, Weather Permitting - we will go on a Fall Walk 

Sight words:  for, four

Song:  Down, Down, Yellow and Brown

Crafts: Thumbprint Fall Leaves, “F” Fish

Yoga: Fish, Flamingo

Kid Writing: “One thing you like to do in the Fall.”

Tuesday 10/31:  Halloween Parade starting at 9:35 & Class (Students only) Party after Trunk or Treat 

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