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Future Steps 4/5s

Monday-Friday 9:30-12:00
Lead Teacher - Mrs. Celeste Black
Assistant Teacher - Mrs. Wendy Gallaher

MARCH Newsletter

Week of April 1rd

Theme:  “V”, Plants

Concepts:  What do plants need to grow? Parts of the plant and their job

Sight words: Volcano

Song: Plant Needs Song

Crafts: “V” Vine, Parts of the Plant

Yoga:  Volcano

Kid Writing: “What does a plant need grow?” 


Week of April 8th

Theme:  “W”, Music

Concepts:  Genres of Music, Instruments, Rhythm sets the Tempo of a song (fast and slow)

Sight words:  We, Where, Watermelon, Worm

Crafts: “W” Watermelon, Musical Instrument

Yoga:  Warrior, Waterfall, Windmill, Windshield Wipers

Kid Writing: “What is your favorite instrument?”


Week of April 15th

Theme:  “X”, Nutrition

Concepts:  What foods our bodies need to stay healthy

Sight words: X-ray, Xylophone

Song:  What’s on My Plate?

Crafts: “X” Xylophone, Healthy Plate

Yoga:  X

Kid Writing:  “What is your favorite healthy food?” 

April 16th - Librarian Visit


Week of March 23th

Theme:  “Y”, Community Helpers, Recycling

Concepts:  Jobs/People in our Community, Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse

Sight words:  Yellow, You, Yarn, Yogurt, Yo-yo

Song:  Community Helpers

Crafts:  “Y” Yo-yo, Healthy Plate

Yoga:  Yoga

Kid Writing:  “What would you like to be when you grow up?” 

April 23rd No School - Election Day


Week of April 29th

Theme: “Z”, Insects

Concepts: Insect body parts, How are insects useful?, Life Cycle of a Butterfly, What is symmetry?

Song:  The Fuzzy Caterpillar

Crafts:  “Z” Zoo, Life Cycle of a Butterfly, Symmetry of a Butterfly

Yoga:  Zero

April 30th - Art Show 5:30-7:00

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