Monday - Friday 9:30-12:00

Mrs. Kerry Sexton

Mrs. Celeste Black


Week of May 2
Theme: Letter Y/My Family and Me
Concepts: Who are the members of my family and what makes them special? We will play Mother, May I? We will also review many topics about each child individually- such as feelings, full name, address, phone number and birthdays.
Sight words: yellow, you
Craft/s: yoyo craft, Mother’s Day craft
Song: I Love Her and She Loves Me
Kid Writing- Draw a picture of your family. Try and write each person’s name.

Week of May 9
(** ART SHOW **May 9)
Theme: Letter Z/ Ocean Animals
Concepts: We will name many animals that live in the ocean and learn fun facts about them.
We will learn about how these animals protect themselves and how they communicate. We will
learn about beaches and write our letters in sand. We will celebrate the end of the alphabet with
letter snacks.
Sight words: all learned
Craft/s: Letter Z Zebra craft, smiling shark ocean craft
Song: Baby Shark
Kid Writing- What is your favorite ocean animal? Try to write the name.

Week of May 16
**May 19** Pre-K End of Year Singing Program
Theme: Preschool Memories/Summer Safety
Concepts: We will let the children choose their favorite games and toys this week. We will talk about the many things we have learned and our summer plans. We will talk about how to keep ourselves safe when outside playing. (Wearing bike helmets, crossing the street, pool safety, wearing sunblock and more)
Sight words: all learned
Craft/s: preschool memories craft
Song: Look left, look right look all around.
Kid Writing- What is your favorite toy in the classroom, play yard or bike room? Try to write the
name and draw a picture.