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Future Steps 4/5s

Monday - Friday 9:30-12:00

Mrs. Celeste Black

Mrs. Deb WItzig


Week of January 2nd
Theme: New Year, Calendar, Rule and ABC Review
Concepts: Reseting the Calendar for the New Year, New Year Resolutions
Song: Months of the Year, I’m a Little Snowman
Crafts: New Year Craft
Yoga: U-Pick
Kid Writing: “Year Resolution?”

Week of January 9th
Theme: “K”, Farm Week
Concepts: Who Lives on a Farm, Baby Animal Names, What Farmers Grow on a Farm
Sight words: Key, Kite
Song: The Farmer and the Dell
Crafts: Pig, Life Cycle of a Chicken, “K” Kite
Yoga: Kite, Knot
Kid Writing: “Favorite food to eat from the farm?”
Friday, January 13th - No School

Week of January 16th
Monday, January 16th - No School MLK Day

Theme: “L”, Seasons
Concepts: The 4 Seasons
Sight words: Like, Little, Look, Leaf, Lion, Lizard
Song: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Crafts: Season Tree, “L” Lion
Yoga: Lion
Kid Writing: “What does your family like to do in the Winter?”

Week of January 23rd
Theme: “M”, Bears, Hibernation, Migration, Stay
Concepts: Bear Week, What Animals do during the Winter (Hibernate, Migrate, Stay)
Sight words: Make, My, Mailbox, Mitten, Monkey, Mouse
Song: Hibernation & Migration
Crafts: Bear Hunt Sequencing, “M” Mittens
Yoga: Mouse
Kid Writing: “What is your favorite stuffed animal and does it have a name?”
Tuesday, January 24th - Library Visit

Week of January 30th
Theme: “N”, Numbers, Groundhog Day
Concepts: Review Numbers and Simple Math, Home Phone Numbers, Groundhog Day
Sight words: Not, Net, Newspaper, Necklace, Nest
Song: Chicka Chicka 123
Crafts: Home Phone Numbers, Groundhog, “N” Nest
Yoga: New Pose

Assessments Start and continue through the month of Febuary

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