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Next Steps 3s

Tuesday-Thursday 9:30-12:00
Lead Teacher - Mrs. Debbie Haar
Assistant Teacher - Mrs. Cristin Van Dyke

DECEMBER Newsletter

Reminder: CHPCP is CLOSED Monday, December 18 th through Friday, December 29 th . Our first day back in the classroom is Tuesday, January 2, 2024.

Crafts- Our classroom has become an Elves Workshop. We can’t tell you what we are making and please don’t ask your students what they made. They’ve already promised to keep their gifts a surprise. We will also work on wrapping gifts and practicing our manners when giving and receiving a present. We can’t wait for you to open your gifts!

November 28, 29 and 30: Christmas
Books: Five Busy Elves; Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Letter: M
Color/Shape/Number: pink/all shapes/ Numbers 1-10

December 5, 6 and 7: Christmas
Books: Llama, Llama Jingle Bells; Arthur’s Christmas Cookies; The Animal’s Christmas Eve
Letter: C
Color/Shape/Number: gray/all shapes/ Numbers 1-10

December 12, 13 and 14: Christmas
Books: The Christmas Alphabet; The Littlest Elf; How to Catch an Elf; Bear Stays Up for Christmas
Letter: S
Color/Shape/Number: green/all shapes/ Numbers 1-10

On Wednesday, December 13th we’ll have a Christmas party with food, games, crafts and gifts!
On Thursday, December 14th at 11am in the Sanctuary, families are invited to see a short Christmas
performance, which will be followed by light refreshments in Fellowship Hall.

Our classroom door opens at 9:25am every morning. We start class at 9:35am. Please make sure that
your student arrives by 9:30am so that they are ready for the start of class. We have had a lot of late
arrivals and disruptions recently, which delays our class start and makes it difficult for many students
to refocus on what we have started.

We have music class every Tuesday at 9:40am downstairs in the music room (we leave our classroom
promptly at 9:35am). Please make sure that you are arriving on time so that we can hang up jackets,
take attendance and walk to music class on time.

Students should bring a jacket, hat and mittens every day. (Mittens are much easier for students to put
on by themselves than gloves.)

Please continue to have your student work on our jacket trick and zipping/unzipping their own jacket.
Students should also be working on taking off their jacket so that it is right side out. If your student
has mastered those three skills, you can work on putting on mittens and gloves. We’ve seen great
improvement with these skills and some students don’t need any help at all anymore! Great job!

We’re looking forward to a month full of wonder and excitement!
Mrs. Haar and Mrs. Van Dyke

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