Hello New Friends!


Welcome to CHPCP’s Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 3’s Class! My name is Mrs. Haar (rhymes with car) and I will be your teacher along with my awesome friend, Mrs. Witzig. We are so excited to be your teachers this year and can’t wait to spend time with each of you! If you were in Ms. Hartley and Mrs. Smith’s class last year, then you will know exactly where your new classroom is. Our classroom is the last one in the hall before you go out the OWL door for the playground. It’s the big yellow classroom with all the windows that look out to the playground. Our class will ONLY be entering the school from the OWL door located on the side of the building near the fire station on N. 22nd Street. We will ONLY be exiting the school straight down the hall, down the steps and out the door onto Walnut Street. 


This school year is going to be very different from last year. There are new rules in place, including that when you enter the school, both you and the one adult bringing you to class must wear your masks. Mrs. Witzig and I will also be wearing our masks. If you are not used to wearing your mask, now is the perfect time to try it out at home. Everyone has a different mask and it’s fun to see what everyone is wearing. Do you have a favorite mask that you like to wear? I do! I’ll show it to you when we meet at school. 


Even though there are some new rules at school, they are very important to follow so that we all stay healthy. We don’t want anyone to miss all the fun that we have in our classroom. 



Here are a few important pieces of information to share with your parents:



We will have a class Zoom meeting this Wednesday at 10am.  You’ll get to meet Mrs. Witzig and myself, hear us read a story, play a game and get to know each other. We will only be on-line for 15-20 minutes.

We will also have another Zoom meeting with our class on Thursday, September 3 at 10am. During that meeting, we’ll hear another story, play a game and participate in some other activities.


These meetings are optional, but we’d love to see you on our Zoom screens. We completely understand that some of you may not have access to Zoom during our scheduled time due to older siblings being on-line for school or other situations. It’s ok if you are not able to join us. We will make sure that you meet before school starts. 


We will also be meeting your parents on Thursday, September 10 at Back to School Night. I will send out a Sign-Up Genius tomorrow (Monday) for them to sign up for either 6:30pm or 7:30pm. We must split the class in half to accommodate everyone safely. Unfortunately, only one parent may attend our Back to School Night this year. Your parents will also be able to sign up to bring you in to visit our classroom on Friday, September 11. Our two assigned visit times will be either 9:00-9:45am OR 10:15-11:00am. Again, only one parent may attend with you and you both must wear your masks to enter the school. 



Mrs. Witzig and I are looking forward to all the fun things we are going to learn about this year. We’ll work on our alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, days of the week, months, seasons and manners. We’ll learn about fire safety, the weather, holidays, our teeth and our bodies, animals, dinosaurs, Nursery Rhymes and so many more surprises! We’ll play games, listen to music, paint, color, make crafts, have snacks and make new friends. It’s going to be so much fun! 



If you or your parents have any questions before our Zoom meeting, Back to School Night or our Open House, please feel free to contact me at debbiebhaar99@gmail.com


We can’t wait to see you on Wednesday morning at 10:00am for our Zoom meeting! 


Love, Mrs. Haar and Mrs. Witzig

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