Next Steps 3's

Tuesday - Thursday 9:30-12:00

Mrs. Debbie Haar

Mrs. Deb WItzig

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What a wonderful school year we had! We worked as a team through a worldwide pandemic and we are super proud of each one of you and how hard you worked to make this year special.

We hope you have a terrific summer filled with all the things you told us you hope to do this summer:
Ride my scooter
Learn to ride a bike
Play with chalk
Play with bubbles
Play T-ball
Play soccer
Play with my friends (including little brothers/ sisters)
Eat ice cream 
Eat strawberries and corn on the cob
Watch a movie with popcorn
Go swimming
Go to the beach 
Go for a walk in the woods
Play with Playdoh
Make crafts 

We can’t wait to see all of you again this fall. Please stop by to say hello and sign up for Lunch Bunch with us next year.

Happy summer!
Mrs. Haar and Mrs. Witzig